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Bible Counselors

At 800 HIS WORD we know that exploring God's Word can be both exciting and challenging. Often finding someone to share exciting discoveries or explore deeper meaning can be the difference between continuing to discover God's Will and discouragement.

At 800 HIS WORD we have Bible Counselors standing by to be your partner in finding the best way to continue to grow in your relationship with God. A simple call to 1-800-HIS-WORD can connect you with someone who can:

  • Rejoice with you as you share what God is doing for and with you.
  • Get you started on a personalized study of HIS WORD.
  • Help you discover peace and security in God's presence.
  • Answer your deepest questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the future of this planet, the end of life, family and many other topics.
  • Help you connect with a local study group so your understanding of HIS WORD is ever expanding.
  • Send you study materials to help you understand the great themes of the Bible.
  • Pray with you through the ups and downs of life (Use our convenient Prayer Request form

Call now to visit with a Bible Counselor. Let us help you get started or continue with the exploration of a lifetime. 1-800-HIS-WORD (1-800-447-9673).

If you prefer, you can also contact us via our online request form.