His Word Kidz!

Welcome to our page designed just for you! If you love Jesus and want to learn more about Him, we know you’ll love the items below. Here is a list of places to check out. Check back here daily for updates & new stories!

  • KidsBibleInfo.com – Big Answers for Little People
  • AmazingFactsKids.org – Join Pastor Doug Batchelor for this powerful and unique Bible study experience designed for kids between the ages of 8 and 12. Start your Amazing Adventure today!
  • My Place With Jesus – Have fun with Jesus every day as you learn more about Him through these interactive Bible Studies! Specifically designed for kids ages 7-12.
  • YourStoryHour.org – Hear exciting stories about Bible characters and historical figures!
  • Discovery Mountain! – Listen to this program and join Ms. Jean and her crew as they go on adventures, solve mysteries, sing camp fire songs and, most importantly, get to know Jesus.
  • Guide Magazine – Read compelling stories, testimonies from kids around the world, play games, solve puzzles, and study the weekly Sabbath School Lesson with this fun, interactive magazine! Guide publishes nonfiction stories that show children ages 10-14 how to walk with God now and forever.


  • Send Us Your Prayer Request – Is there something or someone you’d like to pray for? Maybe God has done something amazing in your life, answered your prayer, or you’ve felt Him lead you towards doing what is right. Click here to send us your prayer request or share a praise with our Prayer team. We’re here for you!